Monday, November 8, 2010

About Caitlin


Caitlin has always loved art. From the time she could hold a pencil, she was drawing everything she saw. Growing up in Old Saybrook, CT, provided her with a rich backdrop for her imagination. With it's salt marshes, beautiful beaches, and small town environment, Caitlin developed her technical skills and imagination. Today, she is a Communication Arts and Art (Design) double major. She loves worship, beaches, sunsets, chocolate, traveling, and friends. She hopes to pursue a career in photography, design, art, many things.

Caitlin's Artist Statement:  

"Bad design is smoke, while good design is a mirror." --Juan-Carlos Fernandez

Good design is like a mirror.  No matter what you design-it will always be a reflection of you because your creative genius, styles, and abilities went into making it.

This project is very much a mirror for me.  I branded myself as a freelance designer. My company name is CPUREDESIGN.  The name and design for the company are very conceptual.  My name is Caitlin,  obviously beginning with a C.  The name Caitlin means Pure.  Put them together and you have C Pure.  The play on words happens in the sentence:  C Pure Design = see Pure Design.  Pure denotes clean and simple.  The word mark for the company is clean, simple, pure- it includes few colors, simple font, and the power is in the concept.

As a designer, I live by the rule of less is more.  In the future, I hope to incorporate that into my art and photography.  I love original photographs that are well-taken at the point where the shutter is tripped.  Photoshop is great, but there is something spectacular about capturing the moment as it is.  There is a powerful beauty in "less is more" as a concept.  Too much can detract from a message, too little can keep it from getting across.  Design is about letting the power of the concept speak through the art.  I plan to take this into all my work.